Call Center Specialist

Facts & Ficures

Eurotel Ltd is focused on boosting companies’ sales, marketing and customer relations. Cost-effective services support business activities and enable buyer companies to focus on their core business. Eurotel´s services ensure that outsourcing is an opportunity to maximize quality. The use of expert services help companies to operate more cost-effectively, gain competitive advantage and minimize costs – and still improve quality.

Products & Services

Eurotel Ltd provides customer-oriented telemarketing and call center services to help buyer companies to improve their business operations. Customized services include sales and marketing campaigns, bookings, customer surveys, market researches, post-marketing and customer service operations.

B-to-B Telemarketing – Increase Sales and Extend Clientele

Eurotel Ltd provides professional and versatile co-operation opportunities for companies any size. Effectively customized telemarketing services help companies to increase sales, extend clientele and expand revenue. With the help of Eurotel’s professional customer care personnel, companies can focus on their core business and company’s risk management becomes easier to handle.

For companies Eurotel Ltd provides for example as follows:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Appointment-setting and Booking
  • Customized Sales- and Marketing Campaigns
  • Post-marketing

B-to-C telemarketing – Reach New Target Groups

Eurotel Ltd  provides services and products also for consumer sector. Costumer companies, whose target group includes consumer sector, can rely on Eurotel´s trained personnel and their updated know-how. Eurotel Ltd notices companies´needs and tailors products to fit for the purpose.

For consumer sector Eurotel Ltd provides for example these services:
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Appointment-setting / Booking
  • Customized Sales- / Marketing Campaigns
  • Market and Clientele Extension
  • Post-marketing

Call Center – Know Your Target Market and Customer Segment

Eurotel Ltd is a call center specialist. Professional personnel are focused on sales and marketing as well as taking care of key customers and customer segments. Customer care services include both inbound and outbound operations. Eurotel Ltd follows up continuously updated telemarketing and telecommunications field to maintain high-quality professionalism.

Eurotel’s call center provides for example as follows:
  • Customer Surveys
  • Market Research
  • Call Reception (claims, feedback, ”virtual secretary”)
  • Customer Care
  • Customer Notification Projects
  • Follow-up Campaigns
  • Promotional- and Communication Material

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